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About Leamon Scott

A baby boomer born in South Central Los Angeles, Leamon E. Scott was raised by a single mother
following the death of his father at age eleven-months.   There were hard times and there were good times
while growing up in an environment deemed “poor” by society.   However, moral fortitude and family values
were key components beneath a lifetime of creative prowess within various avenues of expression.
Retired from a long career in Human Services, Leamon enjoyed playing saxophones with his group S&R
Jazz Connection, writing poetry/lyrics, and writing/producing songs for his LES-WordMusik Productions
Company.   Leamon is always seeking opportunities to share his “world” with others; and is currently editing
his tell-all memoir, Why Baby Sea Turtles Run, as well as shopping a two-part screenplay.

Why Baby Sea Turtles Run 

A Memoir   (2022)

A memoir that reaches deep inside this addict’s psyche to reveal the innermost issues being assigned to a life beginning from ‘prebirth’ and thereafter.   It delivers facts, theories and actions that layout the foundation for a disposition to addictions coupled with various dysfunctional personal/social behaviors.


A Seed For Cora Lee

A Novel   (2021)

Cora Lee and her husband have made love in their modest, bayou cabin with the hope of her conceiving before he leaves for work.  However, their lives are greatly altered when on that wet and stormy Louisana Bayou morning she crosses paths with escaped prisoner Colin Cyrus; a psychotic triple-murderer on the run. 

Latest Release

Leamon E. Scott


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