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"My stories are meant to connect with and give hope to those in addiction and depression" 

Why Baby Sea Turtles Run

"Surgically cuts to the core of an addicts recounting of a life perhaps destined to battle adversities on various levels"

The desperation of a continuum of the over used mantra “Why me?” is the recurring question presented in my story.  Yet, the ever-present answer is always, “Why not you?”   It is within this purview that I cannot ignore the harsh reality of tragic outcomes of my addiction.  Subsequently, attempts at sobriety via various recovery methods are honestly discussed in vivid stories that are told to emphasize a progression of recovery attempts relative to my progression of addiction. 

In motivating the addict to take steps that will save his life, or heal a family, Alcohol Anonymous offered this addict a roadmap called the 12-steps.  

Lastly, the systemic discrimination experienced by the author is described on various connective levels during his extensive addiction and recovery efforts.  Ironically, the now civil rights advocate and TV personality, attorney Areva Martin, represented LA County in one of my civil rights discrimination lawsuits; which would settle one day prior to the trial beginning.

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ISBN: 9798353793120

This is a jewel in the ocean of helpful information when dealing with mental health issues. Written in a real life sequence it provides tons of advice and signs to alert when additional help may be required. Excellently written and very profound in its simplicity.

An outstanding manuscript.

By: Sandy Rodgers

- 3/2023-



Great reading

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"This book had me reliving my life and remembering how it was to grow up in Watts and South LA , going through school and being one that was able to get help from VA when i too had a drug problem but made it out of the hood"


By: Eric Reed

- 3/2023 -

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From Readers

"I love the way the author was able to describe his emotions at each juncture of his journey. Fully giving the reader incite into how his upbringing and experiences followed him into adulthood. Even though it was a sign of the times, ultimately we all can fall short, we all will struggle, but there is hope, and we can stand up again".

Exquisite, Could not put it down
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By: C. Chaney

- 9/2022 -



Yes, Run Baby Sea Turtles, Run!

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"A very compelling story…What the author experienced was real, hurtful, and a traumatic experience. Trauma increases the risk of developing substance abuse and substance abuse increases the likelihood of being traumatized. One cannot change their past and we all must play the hand we’re dealt. Thankfully, the author was smart and intelligent enough to overcome his addiction and distressing emotions by reclaiming his natural gifts in music and in writing. It’s important to remember that as one goes through challenging experiences, self-validation is an important piece of healing. Hopefully, this book will help and inspire others who have gone through similar experiences".


By: S. Webb

- 10/2022 -

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