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"Leamon E. Scott introduces a formidable cast of characters

and complex subplots in his searing suspense novel"

A Seed for Cora Lee

"Pre-Katrina story touches the souls of those facing absolute evil!"

Cora Lee Baptiste, a beautiful Creole woman with dreams of growing a family with her loving husband, Leon, screams out in her sleep during a recurrent nightmare.  Before leaving for work as a shrimper, Leon and Cora Lee make love in their modest, bayou cabin with the hope of her conceiving. However, their plans are greatly altered when on that wet and stormy Louisana Bayou morning she crosses paths with escaped prisoner Colin Cyrus; a psychotic triple-murderer on the run. 


Colin brutally rapes Cora Lee and kills Leon before he is shot by a pursuing Detective Raleigh Spencer.  For the battered Cora Lee there would be more despair, fear and a dangerous journey into the realm of unequivocal evil. The rape, or their morning lovemaking, may have resulted in a pregnancy; but, the baby Cora Lee always wanted may not be hers to keep.  As New Orleans is thrust into a quagmire of absolute evil and suspenseful encounters with the supernatural, the struggle for Cora Lee's sanity and baby becomes Det. Spencer's personal obessesion.

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SBN-10: 150313721X   |   ISBN-13: 978-1503137219

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“Powerful writing and strong emotions surge through this novel. The most interesting storyline makes you think through your own beliefs and superstitions and slices them open. The evil plot of the damned keeps you reading. Although there are some errors, this author has a vivid imagination and uses it well to spin his dastardly tale. We have here the classic tale of good versus evil set in the spirit-soaked history of New Orleans and the Louisiana Bayou”.

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Strong story that makes you think.
From Readers


Scared the living daylight out of me!

Reviewed in the United States


“The horror starts from page one and continues until the final page. That's when I closed my Kindle, wiped the sweat from my brow and finally took a deep breath. The demon Colin (who starts out human, at least some form of human) should be listed as one of the scariest villains in literature history. 


A Seed for Cora Lee is not for the faint-hearted, but I thoroughly recommend it for its roller-coaster of a read. The atmosphere is expertly delivered and I was intrigued by the Cajun way of life - beautifully crafted with perfectly rounded-out characters. The pace never lets up, creating a page-turner where good and bad battle it out. And be prepared for, perhaps, a surprising ending”.


 "I still dream of Colin" :(

Sue Roebuck

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Inviting Story-Hard to Put Down!

Reviewed in the United States 

“This author, Leamon E. Scott, has a writing style I've been looking forward to in years! Describing and setting up scenery like a screenplay that sucks you in with such curiosity, then the story starts, again getting the reader's interest deeper & more so.

I love this creative style of writing that is pleases the reader the fullest! And, oh, it made me late for work… I couldn't put it down!”


"Thanks to the Author... a must buy!"

Rocco Costanzo

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