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Every day, a long-married couple named Cora Lee and Leon Baptiste try their hardest to realize their long-held dream of having a baby. Cora Lee had frequent nightmares about her baby being taken away when they didn't have one; and, Leon thought it started after his wife's second miscarriage. Despite being a God fearing woman, Cora Lee was perplexed why she was cursed with dead babies when God was fully cognizant of her obsessive ambition to have a child. Following their love-making, Leon needed to go to work and Cora Lee would be left alone in their bayou cabin. 

On the other hand, while detective Raleigh Spencer, detective Floyd Ketchum and convicted killer Colin Cyrus were driving to the Feliciana Forensic Facility, they were involved in a catastrophic car accident resulting in Floyd's horrific demise  and the prisoner's escape. As Colin slowly made his way into the devious bayou coastline where Cora Lee resided, a chain of events would produce a new and riveting plotline that invariably transports the reader to a completely different era. In relation to the rest of the story, what significant and demonic role does this maniacal prisoner play? What happens at the end of the novel that prompted the author to venture in with his persuasive write-up when asking if Cora Lee does become pregnant, whose baby she is carrying? 

A Seed for Cora Lee is exceptionally crafted with a promising and appealing plotline. The twists and turns are so prevalent that it blew me away several times while reading it. It is divided into 16 chapters and an epilogue that tells various episodes of mystery, investigation, and horrendous cases. I was intrigued by Leamon E Scott's professional competence in creating characters with sophisticated portrayal and development as the story progressed, such as the detective Raleigh and Dr. O'Brien roles. Furthermore, I assert that this is a one-of-a-kind fictional book since it was the first time I have read a book where various genres are combined into a single masterpiece. 

Profanities and sexual contents have been explicitly presented, and it may not appeal to some overly sensitive readers in such contexts. Some chapters and episodes of specific scenes must be narrated in greater detail and evenly manner before moving on to a new chapter and point of view to avoid leaving the reader perturbed at times. Such as, the overt narrative behind Le Blanc's death committed by his companion; notwithstanding their healthy relationship, and despite him having multiple affairs with other women. 

This book is fast-paced, and the dramatic tensions render it a fiction story with a solid potential to upsurge in the long run. It has been professionally edited, and the author has used some vocabularies that have augmented the work's plea. Although it is an obligation for me to seek the meaning of it at times, I still enjoyed reading the entire book, so I gave it a perfect 4 out of 4 stars. To avoid spoiling the readers, I attempted not to post any further revelations, but there is a great deal that will surely make you ponder, so consider reading it to find it yourself. 

With so many fictional books being marketed worldwide, this is a unique novel worth your time. I highly recommend this book to readers of all ages who relish mystery, investigation, horror, and a modest portion of spiritual context and superstition.

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